Our Team

Florence Dusseaux

Founder of Vegg2food and project holder for over ten years.

As a consultant, she has spent the last ten years helping organizations improve their project development, operations, and processes. This relevant experience has given her a high level of commercial expertise to support businesses at every stage of their development.

After going vegan in 2015, Florence decided to follow her convictions and built her business accordingly. Then she created Vegg2food to support companies involved in innovative vegan business ideas. Her deep understanding of the trends in the expanding plant-based economy helps companies find commercial opportunities in the vegan markets in France and abroad. In September 2019, Florence became co-manager of the French professional association Vegan France promoting vegan businesses in France.

Since 2016, she has also been the co-founder of the Pondation of Félicie, a charity committed to improving the lives of laying hens by providing them a well deserved free-range retirement.

Her motto: Change the world, one dish at a time !

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