Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions. If the answer to your question is not in this list, do not hesitate to contact us.

I'm at the beginning of my project, can I contact you ?

Of course. Starting a projetc is strategic and it has to go on the right tracks from the beginning. Entrust us with your project, our team will be able to highlight it to support you in its success.

My range of products is not 100% plant-based, will you look at my project anyway ?

Absolutely ! The more plant-based food is valued by everyone, the more our impact on the planet will be positive. Each project that goes in this direction deserves our attention.

Vegetarians, plant-based, vegans... It's all Greek to me...

No worries ! We explain everything to you and you will know perfectly all the marketing targets for your products.

Do you provide certification support?

There are several types of certification around the world. We select for you, the most suitable for your project.

My business needs fundraising...

The development of your business requires fundraising or without going so far: a need for financing. Thanks to an experience of more than 10 years in the financing of clients' projects, we can establish your strategy: crowdfunding, bank loans, European funds...

I need to develop my distribution network, especially in France.

We have established relationships of trust with distributors throughout France. Our model can be applied elsewhere in the world. Tell us more.

I am a distributor/merchant, I seek to develop my range to meet the expectations of my customers

We can help you select a range of products according to your specifications : "made in France", "free from", "world cuisine"...

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